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We are specialists in the field of structural dynamics, vibrations, earthquakes, geology and geotechnics. These knowledge fields are all too often applied independently. We bring them together. By bringing together the different disciplines we tackle complicated, but also seemingly less complicated problems adequately.


In our consultancy services we look for coherence between our technical advice and the bigger picture of our clients. We also look for coherence between different technical disciplines. In case of abundance of digital information, it requires specialist knowledge and an end-to-end view to come up with an optimal advice. This is what we are good at.


A quick understanding of problems based on much or very little data is our strength. We translate data into information and make models to come up with predictions. We subsequently check the predictions on the basis of monitoring data. This closes the loop. We are used to working efficiently and result-driven.


Our consultants have top specialist knowledge. We see great added value when this knowledge is part of an integral advice. By working with other specialists our own advice becomes stronger. We bring different experts together to provide the best advice to our clients.



The subsurface is the most uncertain factor in projects. For the design of foundations, vibration predictions or the determination of earthquake load, the behaviour of the subsurface plays an important role.

The subsurface is not transparent. We are therefore dependent on (CPT) soundings, boreholes or geophysics to map the ground.

When interpreting and connecting all this information, it is necessary to understand geology, geotechnics as well as foundation techniques.

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Vibration is the movement of a structure or medium. The way a structure or medium vibrates is sometimes difficult to predict. Damage or hindrance can be unwanted consequences of vibration.

By performing vibration monitoring we can get understanding of the level of vibration and its consequences. This needs in-depth knowledge of monitoring, data processing and assessment criteria.

In case of assessing future situations, we need to make use of prediction models. This requires knowledge of the different modelling techniques.
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Anyone who has experienced an earthquake can confirm it has a huge impact. The impact can be in the form of damage to buildings and structures, but also in the form of social unrest.

Therefore seismic design is important for buildings and structures in earthquake sensitive areas. Determining earthquake loads and especially their uncertainties is not that simple.

Knowledge of the deep and shallow subsurface is required. Also knowledge is required of seismic processes, wave propagation in the subsurface and soil-structure interaction. Statistics is needed to deal with the uncertainties.

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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy will play an increasingly important role in the energy transition. The largest part of the energy requirement in the Netherlands is in the form of heat. In the Netherlands, a distinction is usually made between shallow geothermal energy and deep geothermal energy, in which heat is extracted. The subsurface can also be used for the temporary storage of heat.

The shallow subsurface has a constant temperature that is warmer in the winter and colder in the summer than the outside air. Using heat pumps, the constant temperature of the substrate can be used to warm and cool houses and buildings. This is called aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES). These applications usually do not go deeper than 150 m.

The deeper subsoil (more than 1 kilometre) is used in the Netherlands to extract hot water to heat greenhouses. This is called geothermal energy. There are several concrete plans to use geothermal energy for district heating. There are also plans to use ultra-deep geothermal energy (more than 4 kilometres deep) for industrial heat.

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Nieuwbouw en Spoortrillingen

14 Aug 19

Nieuwbouw en Spoortrillingen

Staatssecretaris Van Veldhoven heeft de kamer geïnformeerd over de Handreiking Nieuwbouw en Spoortrillingen en de innovatieagenda bronaanpak spoortrillingen. Zie hier voor een download link naar deze documenten.

Wat de mijnbouw kan leren van Nederlandse dijken

20 Feb 19

Wat de mijnbouw kan leren van Nederlandse dijken

Een gigantische stortplaats bij een ijzerertsmijn begon te schuiven en zorgde voor een verwoestende modderlawine in Brazilië. Lees de bijdrage van Siefko Slob in de Trouw.

Bezwijken van de Brumadinho dam

13 Feb 19

Bezwijken van de Brumadinho dam

LinkedIN artikel over het bezwijken van de Brumadinho mijnafval dam (artikel is in het Engels).

Impact of railway vibrations

15 Oct 18

Impact of railway vibrations


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