Pim van der Male

Pim is a civil engineer with an affinity for complex technical challenges, ranging from bored tunnels to foundations for offshore wind turbines. His broad deployability is characteristic, although dynamics is often the common thread. While Pim develops his own software tools on the one hand, he speaks the language of systems engineering just as well.


After completing his studies in civil engineering at Delft University of Technology, Pim gained 15 years of experience as a technical advisor on underground constructions, and as a researcher and teacher in the academic world, at home and abroad. In this latter capacity, he specialized in the dynamics of wind turbines at sea, which is also the subject of his thesis with which he obtained his doctorate at TU Delft. With his open mind, Pim has experience on a wide range of projects, including analyzing the vibration sensitivity of bridges and buildings, and assessing the seismic impact in Groningen. Pim is a connector who speaks the different languages ​​and thus always pursues successful projects.