Mine tailings

Mine tailings: safety and rehabilation

There are large challenges involved with the safety and rehabilitation (de-characterization) of mine tailing facilities. To deal with these challenges, it is important to bring together high-level specialists, local experience, and innovative techniques. We are good in identifying which expertise is needed and to make sure the right questions are asked.

Our specialization is the interaction between mine tailing facilities, the subsurface and their environment. We know how to model their static and dynamic behavior. The essential part behind this modelling is a thorough understanding of the geological, geotechnical and geohydrological system. We strive to find solutions that are both pragmatic and innovative. Our aim is to provide the necessary integrated view to ensure top-quality of the advice and to make sure that the advice is tailored to the challenges and requirements of the client.

We have been part of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) mission in 2019 to assist the Brazilian Government in formulating policies and measures with regards to the mining problems. Cohere Consultants is a partner of the Dutch Technical Team for Dam Safety (DTTD). We also carry out research, for instance on dam break study in cooperation with TU Delft.


Geological and geotechnical assessment

  • - Site survey
  • - 3D subsurface and structure modeling
  • - Ground characterisation using site investigation data

Risk assessment

  • - Dam break study
  • - High level risk study, prioritization
  • - Geotechnical stability assessment and review
  • - Seismic hazard and risk assessment

Monitoring and data analysis

  • - Monitoring plan
  • - Site supervision
  • - Data analysis (machine learning)