We are often not aware of the fact that everything is moving. Like the bridge we cross every day, the house we live in and even the soil beneath our feet. This is the result of all kinds of dynamic loads, like changing temperature, fluctuating wind loads or a train or truck passing by. In many cases the dynamic effects are small, but not always. When dynamic effects need to be considered we are ready to help.

Vibrations of railways and construction works

The Netherlands has many buildings close to railway tracks and this number is expected to increase. We have experience in predicting and studying railway vibrations. Our consultancy services consist of interpreting measurement data, predictions of new railway scenarios or planned developments near existing railway lines. The main aim of these studies is to prevent annoyance and structural damage caused by railway vibrations. In some cases low frequency noise needs to be addressed as well.

Annoyance and damage caused by vibrations is also important near construction sites. We have gained experience within a number of large infrastructure projects on how to prevent this. Our expertise is in making predictions, measuring vibrations and setting up contractual requirements. This can help you to prevent any unforeseen and unwanted issues related to vibrations caused by construction works.

Structural dynamics

When designing structures it is important to understand the dynamic response of the structure to dynamic loads. In case of offshore wind turbines, the dynamic response to wave- and wind loadings is important to predict the expected life time. Especially fatigue failure is an important aspect here. We have expertise in modelling the dynamic response of structures with finite element modelling and understanding the response based on measurements.

Structural health monitoring is a field of study which has increasing interest. Developments in sensor techniques, data handling, data acquisition and computing power are ever increasing. This provides new possibilities to predict and monitor the state of structures like bridges and viaducts. Structural health monitoring requires combined specialised knowledge in order to have a succesful project. We have the needed expertise and experience and can provide good advice.